Forest trailer assistive drive project

Napęd asystencyjny hydrauliczny silniki hydrauliczne Poclain Iventec

Recently, we had the opportunity to participate in the project of building a specialized forest trailer with an auxiliary hydraulic drive. The drive increases the tractive power of the tractor-trailer set and allows you to work in difficult, mountainous terrain. The scope of the IVENTEC company included the design of the hydrostatic drive and control, the selection of components, the creation of a hydraulic and electrical diagram, delivery of components, as well as commissioning and testing. The drive consisted of building hydraulic motors from Poclain Hydraulics series MSE08 in the wheels, using a closed loop pump PMe50 series with a built-in ECU controlling the operation of the drive and valve blocks allowing the machine operator to switch to the "free wheel" mode and synchronization of all wheels and preventing wheel slippage. while working. The system automatically responds to the tractor's pulling power and disengages above a predetermined speed, allowing you to travel at high speeds.

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